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Markus Hauri
Samuel Sprich PhD.

MSc in Real Estate Management

BBA in Businessmanagement

Civil and structural engineer

(German, English, French)

E-mail: markus.hauri@mhagmbh.ch

Magister in Management

BBA in Economics, specialisation in Marketing

Real Estate Trustee

Real Estate Agent

Draftsman specialised in building construction

(German, English, French)

E-mail: samuel.sprich@mhagmbh.ch

Andrea Bühler
Head of Real Estate Administration
Michèle Langenegger
Project Manager

Tourist & Hospitality Management FH

Commercial Manager

(German, English, French, Spanish)

E-mail: andrea.buehler@mhagmbh.ch

Master of Science in Architecture

(French, German, English, Italian)

E-mail: michele.langenegger@mhagmbh.ch

Christoph Elmiger
Project Manager

Master of Law

Bachelor of Law

(German, English, French)

E-mail: christoph.elmiger@mhagmbh.ch

Mirjam Hauri
Head of Finance

Commercial Manager

(German, French, English, Italian, Spanish)

Jolanda Harisberger
Manager's Assistant

Manager's Assistant with Federal PET Diploma

Commercial Manager

(German, English, French)

E-mail: jolanda.harisberger@mhagmbh.ch

Elena Sevinc
Project Manager

Master of Science ETH in Architecture

(German, English, Italian, French)

E-mail: elena.sevinc@mhagmbh.ch